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Life, Liberty, Property, and the pursuit of Happiness as defined by you, not the government.

About Us

Liberty Is Essential PAC was founded by 2020 Libertarian nominee for Indiana Governor Donald Rainwater to work to restore and preserve individual rights and promote constitutionally-limited government in Indiana and it's 92 counties by recruiting and supporting liberty-minded Hoosiers to run for local, county, and state offices.

Why You Should Join Us

Liberty Is Essential PAC is working to restore and preserve Hoosiers' individual rights by focusing on a return to constitutionally-limited government in Indiana.  Liberty Is Essential PAC believes in reducing taxes, eliminating wasteful and unnecessary government spending, and abolishing the use of government debt to tax our children before they are old enough to vote against it.

A Big Thanks

Liberty Is Essential PAC cannot continue its work without the support and donations of liberty-minded Hoosiers who believe in our mission and vision.  Thank you to each and every supporter who keeps The Torch of Liberty lit in Indiana.